How can I get an ESA Permit?

An ESA permit (Electrical Safety Authority) is responsible for the enforcement and inspection of the Ontario electrical code, The ESA must be contacted prior to starting any electrical project or alteration. Refer to your local electrical contractor for more information or click the link here.


When Do I need to Contact the Timiskaming Health Unit?

The Health Unit needs to be contacted prior to any project involving adding bedrooms or bathrooms to a dwelling, installing a new septic system or altering or replacing an existing system. Approval from the Health Unit must be obtained prior to applying for a building permit. You can find a link to their site here.


Where do I get a copy of the Ontario Building Code?

The Ontario Building Code is available through Publications Ontario


Where do I get the building setbacks?

Building setbacks are specific to Townships and are found in the Townships current Zoning Bylaw. The Townships are responsible for the enforcement of the setbacks and other aspects of the zoning bylaw. Make sure that you confirm your setbacks with your Township prior to planning your project and again before you start.


Where do I file a complaint?

Complaints can be filed with your Township office.


How long does it take to get a building permit?

Building permit applications need to be reviewed for compliance with the local bylaws (zoning and planning etc) as well as compliance with the Ontario Building Code


When do I need to contact the Ministry of Agriculture?

The Ministry of Agriculture will need to be contacted anytime a structure involving livestock is proposed. Check with your municipality for more details.


Where can I find information about Government Grants or Funding for my project?

You can visit your local MPP's office or visit their website for information:
John Vanthof, MPP for Timiskaming- Cochrane: 705-647-5995  or
There is also funding available through our local Social Services Board, DTSSAB. They can be reached at 705-647-7447 or through their website at is another government program helping Ontario Homeowners with home improvement funding.