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35-A 10th St. Earlton, Ontario, P0J 1E0


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Chief Building Official/ Building Inspector

35-A Tenth Street
P.O. Box 51
Earlton, On P0J 1E0

T 1-705-563-2426
F 1-705-563-2093
E cbo@tembuild.com
E admin@tembuild.com


                       ASSOCIATED MUNICIPALITIES

ARMSTRONG                                 ENGLEHART                            JAMES

BRETHOUR                                    EVANTUREL                             KERNS

CASEY                                            GAUTHIER                                LARDER LAKE

CHAMBERLAIN                             HARLEY                                    MATACHEWAN

CHARLTON AND DACK               HARRIS                                     LATCHFORD

COBALT                                         HILLIARD                                  McGARRY

COLEMAN                                      HUDSON                                  THORNLOE